Yellow Fervor


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released April 8, 2018


all rights reserved



DISQO VOLANTE Washington, D.C.

DISQO VOLANTE is a saxophonist, singer, composer and producer from Seoul, Korea.

His music fuses a background in jazz + a love affair with techno + an astute awareness of post-internet aesthetic.

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Track Name: Yellow Fervor
Back when the tigers smoked cigarettes,
(that long ago?)
I wanted to be satisfied but you weren't impressed.
(Now I'm on my own)
Everybody wants it
There's a brand new colour in town
Everybody sees it
You're last year's model now
Everybody be it
I know you've more to say,
but all you want to do is throw it all away!

How to be famous today?
The only way to be real.
But when it fades away
Will you remember me?

Chinese takeout on the floor of your room
(getting closer than you know that you should)
If I had known it would be like this I would have just jumped
(under the covers, underrated, misunderstood)
Track Name: Your Princess Is In Another Castle
All these royal me's, collective you's.
All those things they said you said were true.
Let your image form inside my head.
Waking up to put it all to bed.

What I was looking for I don't want anymore.
Found and lost again.

It took me so long to see
you never wanted to be
extraordinary with me at all.
And it means so much to see
that you're still looking for me
so here I am behind this castle wall.

Running for my life before we fade.
1-up in the strife you and me made.
Wash the white foundation off your face.
Let the castle walls fall down and say...
Track Name: Net Loss
Welcome to the brand new internet!
It's a lovely view, it's all for you.
We spend a lot of money making everything true,
but you can buy that too.

Truth you can pay for,
truth you can pay for.

Trying to be young and hip and always online,
it's a waste of time, asinine.
Brain control + W and I'll be just fine,
but you can't take no more.

Truth you can pay for,
truth you can pay for.
Track Name: Gotham City
Did I wake up this morning, did the mourning wake me up?
I swear to god I thought we were dead.
Gotham City.
All my friends seemed so melancholy, mad and messed up,
just shook their heads and pointed and said...
Gotham City.

Now there are no more heroes,
time's at zero,
all our fears have reappeared.
Can't you see what we could be,
I'd rather die than leave.

I wish you could have seen the look on everyone's face,
I wish you could have shown me how
Gotham City.
to meet you at the border of the human race,
nobody's gonna save us now!
Track Name: Seoul'd Out
O, your picture looks so perfectly
electronic, in rows of three.
Telephonic visions in your eyes.
We'll break up soon, unpublicise.

Seoul'd out, Seoul'd out.
Seoul'd out, Seoul'd out.

Streamers bending through the air (where?).
Nothing mending, no one to care.
Space-age disqo, beating down your door.
Can't be quiet, not anymore.

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